And Kimberly A. Patrick knows it first hand. As a serial entrepreneur since childhood, Kim has launched multiple successful companies in the recruiting industry–most recently after giving birth to her daughter.

Her latest endeavor, Talent Matched, puts moms who are also skilled recruiters to work right in their own homes.

Every day Kim creates more money and more freedom for herself, her daughter and her entire team, all without sacrificing God or family to make her dreams come true.

Kimberly A. Patrick

Sales Strategist and Coach

What Others Are Saying

“In the face of challenges, most people tend to shrink back. I am so inspired by Kimberly and her story because she has used her adversity to create tremendous success! I recommend her to anyone who is serious about seeing success in every aspect of their life and their business. She lives up to her motto that you CAN have it all.”

Erica Latrice,

Author, Speaker, and Media Expert